Website Development

London Bureau Communications is able to assist clients to design and build websites that act as effective marketing or descriptive sites for the client’s business, event or marketing strategy.

Using her experience in writing, marketing and journalism, Susanne works together with clients to establish the core brand, company or event messages that need to be conveyed, and then designs the website in such a way as to convey the brand and company ethos accurately, while at the same time being both engaging and informative to users. This includes the site and page structures and the copy and graphics for the site – some of the most important aspects for any successful website.

Once the concept design and copy has been reviewed and approved by a client, London Bureau Communications builds the site to the highest standards – but at rates that suit each particular client’s budget. The build is done by a trusted technical team of London Bureau Communications.

After final review and acceptance of the completed website by a client, London Bureau Communications is further able to assist in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), integration with Social media, and all other aspects of internet and mobile internet optimisation – either as a one-off assignment, or on an on-going basis.