Due to her international work and experience as a professional journalist, Susanne has an in-depth knowledge of this industry, and relationships with print, television and digital media companies internationally.

She has also developed relationships with key personnel in multiple media companies that she has co-operated with or appointed while implementing brand marketing campaigns and events for clients.

Through her industry knowledge and her existing relationships with these organisations internationally, Susanne is able to integrate one or all of these mediums into any brand marketing campaign, project or event.

This can take the forms of a fully-integrated package incorporating all mediums of television, print media, digital media and social media in a consolidated campaign; or alternatively only one medium for a specific project.

A sample of some of the media organisations in the different media categories in which London Bureau Communicatios has existing relationships with key personnel is as follows:


Associated Press Assignments (Television)

Has one of the world’s widest, most extensive and most professional networks for television filming, broadcast, distribution or Video News Releases for events or campaigns – live or post-production.


Independent Newspapers (Pty) Ltd (Print Media)

Is one of the largest newspaper groups internationally, which also has an online presence (IOL) which has a credible and solid global footprint.


TransWorldNews (Digital Media)

Is an integrated Digital Media organisation, which provides news and editorial content to several hundred online editions of newspapers and news sites, and also syndicates content for re-publication by interest-groups and on social media / social networking sites internationally.


Brainstorm Advertising (Social Media)

Is a specialist internet-marketing company that provides services to seed, distribute and manage social media and social networking content via all existing social media platforms internationally.


Venice Paparazzi (Paparazzi and Events)

Is a world-leading company that covers events – either directly or through its affiliate network – to provide coverage in entertainment and events publications internationally, as well as via its own entertainment websites.


These are only a selection of the wide spectrum of specialist media entities that London Bureau Communications has professional relationships with, and whose facilities and experience can be brought to bear and applied for maximisation of marketing or event success and global reach.