Teaching and Coaching


London Bureau Communications offers a wide range of language teaching, private tutorials, workshops, and language coaching (corporate and media) services:


Private tutorials

Substitute teaching (at schools, as a freelance teacher)

Elocution lessons

Workshops (Dutch / English for all ages, British Sign Language)

Grammar Cramming

Business English teaching

Business English workshops


Language Teaching for young children:

Infants and toddlers and young children absorb language almost as easily as they breathe in air. That’s how easily they generally learn their mother language. As they do not yet feel the need to label or categorise, the same goes for any additional language.

Therefore, London Bureau Communications provides opportunities for your child(ren) or class(es) to acquire a second language (English or Dutch). These are tailor-made courses that suit their specific language needs in the form of:

  • private tutoring (one-to-one sessions)
  • workshops offered as extra-curricular events within the existing school system
  • workshops at community centres



About Susanne and language teaching:

Susanne has been fascinated with second language acquisition and social linguistics for over a decade. She has taught children and adults of all academic levels and ages in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates, both in state schools and privately. In addition, she has been providing elocution lessons and special grammar tutorials that focused specifically on those linguistic needs.