Susanne is a professional journalist whose articles have been published and re-published internationally in numerous publications. She is an accredited journalist with the Chartered Institute of Journalists in London and the London Press Club; and she has an accredited International Press Card.

She has been a London Correspondent for Independent Newspapers (Pty) Ltd – one of the largest newspaper groups internationally with a cumulative readership in excess of 4 million people. Susanne’s articles have been published in multiple newspapers throughout the group.

Susanne is able to able to carry out assignments internationally on behalf of media agencies, and is also able to utilise her journalistic experience to assist client companies in integrating media exposure into their brand marketing campaigns, events or sponsorships.

Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, Susanne has written articles in numerous interest-categories, including Media & Marketing, Special Events (London 2012 Olympics), Human Interest, Interviews and Travel. A selection of her published articles in print as well as online appears below:

Connecting with the Stars at the ‘W’ (Beverly Hills)  

Harness the Power of News (London)

Just the Business in London (London)  Business in London

Experiencing London on the Cheap (London)

Navigating London during Olympics (London)

Try Going Dutch For A Change (The Netherlands)

Floating Free As A Bird (Dubai / Oman)

Stress-Free Seychelles – Paradise Paradox (Seychelles)

Tea’s popularity written in the leaves (London)

World’s Five Best New Year’s Parties (London / Dubai / New York / Rio de Janeiro / Sydney)

Reliving Struggle Through Art (London)

Have a Capital Christmas (London)