Editorial Services

Finding corporate communication or published material with editorial errors, can be regarded as problematic or unprofessional.

Therefore, London Bureau Communications offers the following editorial services:


Substantive Editing

This type of editing involves consulting the author of the text. With a clear idea of the goal of the text and its intended audience, the text is looked at in terms of story development and content organisation.


Copy Editing

This type of editing is concerned with spelling, grammar, punctuation and style.



Proofreading is an important task that picks up on any mistakes that may have been left behind in the text, which could include mechanical and typographical incorrectness. A proof-reader also gives the green light to issues such as design, format and the overall layout.


Fact checking

This type of editing involves going through the text to check the accuracy of any kind of fact presented (such as dates, numbers and historical correctness, and so on).