Due to the many services London Bureau Communications provides, the rates depend on the type of service required. The matter of remuneration will always be discussed and agreed upon between the client and London Bureau Communications.


London Bureau Communications keeps either hourly rates, or a flat rate, depending on the size and length of the assignment or campaign.


Campaigns and projects:


To provide a service to clients that removes the stress of overly-high rates due to redundant actions or staff, London Bureau Communications operates according to a methodology whereby the client provides details of their budget, and a custom campaign is then structured according to the budget possibilities.


This allows the best service at the most affordable rates to be provided, and cuts out all unnecessary personnel, actions or overheads that otherwise lead to overly high or ballooning costs for clients.


Chargeable work on the project or assignment only begins once a client has reviewed and accepted in writing a written proposal from London Bureau Communications.


Project or campaign payment is then done in three tranches, being 33% on acceptance of the proposal, 33% at the half-way mark of the project or campaign, and the balance at the completion of the project or campaign.


Note to the client:

Now that you have decided to trust London Bureau Communications with your project or assignment, you can sit back and relax. Your work will be ready soon.