Project Planning


The key to the success of any marketing activity – whether a brand marketing campaign, a media campaign, and event or anything else – is detailed planning; which takes into account not only every possible requirement, but also every possible anomaly. A detailed project plan ensures that no matter what occurs, the campaign or event will stay on track and achieve its aims.

As such, detailed and sound project planning is not just a critical factor in achieving success, it is the critical factor.

Often, project plans remain at a high-level in respect of detail, or concentrate only on certain aspects while ignoring or touching lightly upon others. While such plans can result in a campaign or event “muddling through” if there are no hitches along the way, they will more often cause budget overruns, campaign or event disruptions, and sometimes even brand damage if matters do not run smoothly and there is no detailed, alternative or emergency planning in place.

London Bureau Communications has extensive experience in drawing up rigorous and detailed project plans for all serious brand marketing campaigns or events. These plans take into consideration every possible personnel, logistical, administrative, third-party, legal, jurisdictional, regulatory, sequencing, alternative, emergency, safety, public, image, branding and (multiple) other factors, and place them into a working management flow so that they are all catered for and integrated so as to facilitate 24/7 seamless management and control.

London Bureau Communications can draw up complete project plans for any brand marketing campaign or event, put together partial plans for segments of a campaign or event, or quality control and review existing campaign or event project plans on behalf of clients or their agencies.